I have experience teaching at the Avans University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Sydney, Universitat International de Catalunya, University of La Laguna.

Disaster, Migration and Resilience

  • Graduation studio Borderless Engineering
  • Graduation studio A public building for refugees in Zaatari, Jordan
  • Disaster resilience in the Build Environment
  • Humanitarian Engineering
  • Experimenting with innovative technologies in post-disaster response
  • Precasting global flood and typhoon risk using GIS
  • Post-disaster reconstruction
  • DIY home for refugees in the Netherlands
  • Earthquake resistant construction

Architecture and engineering

  • Internship and thesis supervisor
  • Research methodology
  • The Netherlands in 2030
  • First year architecture studio
  • Architectural concepts
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Integrated building technology
  • Innovation in the Build environment


  • Communication using Indesign
  • Workshop Infographics
  • German language for hospitality and tourism
  • Remedial teaching