In 2015 Eefje Hendriks started a part-time PhD project at Eindhoven University of Technology in the field of humanitarian assistance. Her doctorate is was awarded with funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (project 023.011.055 Safer post-disaster self-recovery) and both the University of Technology in Eindhoven and the Avans University of Applied Science where she lectures. She connects the challenges of humanitarian agencies to the curriculum of both universities. She initiated classes related to her PhD topic, such as a interdisciplinary minor program Disruptive Events - challenge or crisis, the graduation studio Borderless Engineering and Public buildings in refugee camps, and internships for bachelor and master students. At the university, she is a member of the daily board of Technology for Global Development.

She graduated cum laude at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2013 with a double master’s degree: Architecture and Building Technology. Her master thesis focused on the development of hazard-resistant and transformable community shelters in Haiti following the 2010 earthquakes. Her doctoral study unpacks decision-making processes that influence the adoption of hazard-resistant construction techniques in post-disaster reconstruction. She studied affected communities in the absence of outside influence of humanitarian organizations in the Philippines and Nepal. Such cases are rarely studied by disasters scholars but can inform the development of affordable and effective knowledge interventions enhancing hazard resistance.

Her most recent field work (2018) was a knowledge assessment on hazard-resistant construction principles, in post-earthquake Nepal, guiding a team of volunteers, students and translators. Earlier fieldwork conducted; a similar knowledge assessment in post-typhoon Philippines, post-hurricane reconstruction Nicaragua, post-flood shelter test in Senegal as part of the community shelter and water tower development for Speedkits, urban slum integration project in Argentina. She has worked together with many different NGOs, such as the CRS, Cordaid, IFRC, MSF, Habitat for Humanity, Engineers without borders, Stichting Vlok, Stichting Samenscholen, Bambu Social. She is a guest lecturer at Universidad International de Catalunya (Barcelona) and University of Sydney.

As an architect she was within the Archiprix selection, second Nalacs Latin America thesis prize, and contributed to the winning submission of a conference resort in the mountains of Switzerland. She has been awarded with the best conference paper at IREC, best doctoral presentation at the Dangerous Landscapes conference, best Spark PhD pitch, Avans innovation prize for best educational project.

MSc. Eefje Hendriks
Doctoral researcher Post-disaster Recovery and lecturer Architecture and Building Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
Department of the Architectural Urban Design and Engineering
Board member of Technology for Global Development
De Groene Loper 6, Vertigo 7, Postbus 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Avans University of Applied Science
Academy of Built Environment and Infrastructure
Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 13, 5037 DA Tilburg, The Netherlands

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Skype: eefje.hendriks

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