Eefje Hendriks is a researcher working in the field of humanitarian assistance. She is currently pursuing a doctorate and lecturing at the University of Technology in Eindhoven and the Avans University of Applied Science. She has two cum laude master's degrees: Architecture and Building Technology. In her PhD research she focuses on knowledge exchange to support safer self-recovery after natural disasters. Therefore, she has done field research in post-earthquake Nepal, post-hurricane Nicaragua, post-flood Senegal, post-earthquake Haiti, post-typhoon Philippines together with different NGO’s, such as the CRS, Cordaid and the Red Cross. Earlier she also worked in slum integration in Argentina. At the university she is a member of the daily board of Technology for Global Development and has developed emergency shelter and watsan products for among others MSF, IFRC and Oxfam. She initiated a new multi-disciplinary minor program ‘Disruptive Events, challenge or crisis’ and a graduation studio ‘Borderless Engineering’ where she actively involves students in her work.

ir. Eefje Hendriks
Doctoral researcher Post-disaster Recovery and lecturer Architecture and Building Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of the Built Environment
Member of Chair of Building Technology & Chair of Wooden Constructions
Board member of Technology for Global Development
De Groene Loper 6, Vertigo 7, Postbus 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Avans University of Applied Science
Academy of Architecture and Infrastructure
Member of lectureship: Innovation building process and technology
Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 13, 5037 DA Tilburg, The Netherlands

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Skype: eefje.hendriks

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