How can we help people affected by natural hazards to build back safer housing? In this video Eefje Hendriks explains her PhD research in only 10 minutes.

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Articles published as part of the full report:

• Hendriks, E., Luyten, L., & Parrack, C. (2018). Knowledge exchange and adoption to enable safer post-disaster self-recovery. International Journal of Integrated Disaster Risk Management, 2(1).

• Hendriks, E., Opdyke, A. (2020). Knowledge adoption in post-disaster self-recovery. Special Issue of Disaster Prevention and Management Journal.

• Hendriks, E., Schep, B., Van Leersum, A. (2019).  Exploring the influence of knowledge networks on the adoption of earthquake-resistant construction techniques in Nepal. In Martins (Eds.), Enhancing disaster preparedness.

• Hendriks, E., Stokmans, M. (2020). Drivers and barriers for the adoption of hazard-resistant construction knowledge in Nepal: Applying the motivation, ability, opportunity (MAO) theory. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.